Does Your Server Response Time Sucks ! Here Is The Solution For You

server response time sucks
So lemme first tell you what really is server response time?

Server reaction time is the measure of time it takes for a web server to react to a solicitation from a program.

site page asking for something from a web server

Regardless of how streamlined your website pages are for rate, if your server reaction time is moderate your pages will show moderate.

Google says 1 “You ought to diminish your server reaction time under 200ms”.

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Why Blogging is A Time Leecher ?

time leacher

Why Blogging is a Misuse of Your Time

blogging is an exercise in futility. Truth is stranger than fiction. Blogging is a misuse of your time.

The title is not intended to deceive you.
Without a doubt, it is intended to be a tad bit tempting however not in any manner misdirecting.
In this post I am going to discuss why blogging is really not all its made out to be and why it could be a monstrous misuse of the valuable little time that you have. In any case, don’t stress, its not all fate and melancholy.

There will be a promising end to present circumstances (post).

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4 Numbers Every Blogger Ought To Know About Content Word Count

content length
497…498…499…500 words! Time to reach print. 500 is’t the magic number for KPI, increased societal shares, or a top Google position breaking conversions. Let’s look into its correlation to your own bottom line and some data about word count.

2416 Words: The Typical Word Count of Top Graded Searches.
Go forward, tell your writers you need them to crank out 2,000 word site posts from now on. and that 500 words are I’ll wait.
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How Long Should Your Website Post Be? A Writer’s Guide

How Long Should Your Website Post Be
Was at a meetup with a group of bloggers lately when someone turned to me and asked, “What would you think is the perfect length for a blog post? Just how long should my site posts be?”

Site post span

Nearly all people would like more in regards to blogging:

more readers
more remarks
more links
more traffic

For writers who are striving to build their audience online, it’s crucial to learn just how to write great site posts. Yet if you’ve been blogging for quite a while, it’s challenging to determine what your audience really wants, particularly in terms of website span. [Read more…]

Being A Guy Or Girl Is Not ATYPICAL ONLINE !

girl or boy doesn't matter when it comes online

when you’re in the freelance company, particularly when you’re starting out. You try so hard please them at every turn, to gain customers, and ensure the odds of receiving jobs in future skyhigh.

Nonetheless, what about when you confront a scenario where saying “no” is not certainly worse than signing up for something you understand you ca’t handle because of another motive or time constraints? How can you decline without damaging their feelings, seeming clumsy, or risk losing any possibility of receiving jobs later on from them?

This can be an awkward situation for many, especially those people who discover saying “no” hard. This is why we’ve collected several suggestions that can educate you on the trick to saying “no” without doing an excessive amount of damage. [Read more…]